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    I am in South Wales and have converted a VaVauxhall Movano. Does anyone know of anyone who could install a small wood burner?


    I am also looking to install a small wood burner in my campervan.
    Of course the stove does need to be small as its surprising how much heat they give out in a small space.
    Now my van is not that large and a permanent floor mounted wood burner would take up a great deal of space, so my thoughts are on getting one of those take apart stoves designed for tents. I can make a hole in the roof for the flue and then blank it off when not in use.
    Is this idea crazy? Am I missing something? Surely this is much better than having a fixed permanent stove that probably would only be used during the colder months.


    Yes! it’s a great idea to install a small wood burner in your campervan. You need a real, small chimney, 120 mm diameter and this beast need some length to create under-pressure in the burner. Then you need all kind of CO sensors in the inside to warn you shortly cabincampers.no
    also installed a gas-based heater that is better than this
    The chimney will be roughly 300 deg C hot, and when you start driving with hot ashes still in the oven this will cause all kind of unhappy events. Log burners are crappy little machines which aren’t designed for lots of g loads. Means they will disintegrate when driving all day around with them…

    By following the blog you can get the idea to install the small wood burner in your campervan. https://outboundliving.com/build-wood-stove-in-van/


    Normally the biggest concern is checking with your insurance company that they will cover you with a wood burner, so I’d recommend doing that first.

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