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    Hello all
    I am trying to plan a trip for the winter and after reading some posts on here i feel realy encrouged to do so,
    i will be leaving Ireland hopefully around the end of Nov early Dec “Rosslare to Cherbourg”. i would like to stay in Portugal for a while, because i here it is cheap their and then i would like to head to Morroco, i have a few questions about Morocco
    1) do you need a visa
    2) how long does the visa last “can you drive out and back in for another visa ????”
    3) which is the cheapest ferry and how much is it
    4) what is free camping like their

    I am planning this trip for health reasons, I broke both legs and smashed my knees in a motorbike accident 2 years ago and the cold weather at winter time here is crippling for me and also i think my benifits “money” would go futher in Portugal & Morocco

    any suggestions would be VERY welcome
    and any ways to keep cost down


    Great site

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  1. Dogs
    I am surprised to see someone recommending taking a dog, as Morocco is not part of the pet passport scheme, I know for sure I wouldn’t try taking my dog there and back. I would be terrified that I wouldn’t get the dog back into the UK, not to mention that this would be breaking the pet passport scheme rules.

    My best friend motorhomed in Morocco four years ago, she would dearly love to return and do it again, but since then has got two little dogs so cannot go. They wildcamped in lots of places even near the Medina and she said they never felt unsafe.

  2. Can i ask why free camping is
    Can i ask why free camping is not advised in Morocco ??? Why would you need to take an animal which the local people do not like ??

    I can understand if you are parked up near a big town or city but near the coast or little random villages surely it fine.

  3. You’re welcome 🙂

    You’re welcome 🙂

    Solar panels are a great way of getting power.
    The size depends on what you’re powering with it.
    I have 2 x 80 watt solar panels.
    Similar to this:

    You might be able to get away with 80 watt if you only run simple things like lights.
    I have a 12v compressor fridge and a laptop which is used a lot.

    1. I am fitting LED lights and
      I am fitting LED lights and the fridge will be gas, but like yourself Darren i will have a lad-top on most of the time i am parked up “jeez what did we do befor the internet”.
      if i have a bank of battreys “2x 85amp” or should i go for bigger battreys ????

      1. If you intend to have you
        If you intend to have you laptop on most of the time, i.e. 6+ hours per day I would suggest getting more or bigger batteries.
        If you intend to use your laptop 2 hours per day, 2 x 85ah batteries will probably be fine.
        If you have those batteries already do a test. See how long the laptop lasts. You can buy more 85ah batteries if needed and add them to your battery bank.

        I think before the internet people read more and watched more TV 🙂

        1. cheers Darren
          if i fit a bank

          cheers Darren

          if i fit a bank of 3 85ah batterys, when i am on site with 240 volt can i use a car battery charger “one like this”

          do you think this would do and how do i connect it up is it to + on firtst battery and – on third battery ???????

          thanks for all the help

          1. Yes, this battery charger is
            Yes, this battery charger is designed with leisure batteries in mind, so should be fine.
            If you’re batteries are connected in parallel, which they should be to form a battery bank, then you only need to connect the battery charger to one of the batteries + and – terminals. The charger will then charge all of the batteries together.

            Keep in mind that the battery charger will probably output 14.4 volts to charge the 12v batteries. So make sure anything still connected to the batteries whilst they are charging can deal with that much power.
            Some 12v equipment is rated to work between 10v and 15v, some things, like a 12v TV, might only be designed wo work on 12v, and you might want to disconnect it during the battery charging.

  4. Obviously it depends on where
    Obviously it depends on where you go, but from Cherbourg to Morocco, via Portugal and Spain is about 2,000 miles.
    Diesel is available everywhere.
    I would only consider getting an extra tank fitted if you intend going out into the outback of Morocco. But you’ll probably need some sort of 4 x 4 or expedition vehicle to go too far off the road.
    Diesel in Spain, Portugal and Morocco is cheaper than in the UK or Ireland.

    1. CHEERS Darren “your a
      CHEERS Darren “your a fountain of knowlage”

      i cant go untill the middel of November because i have a medicial appotiment,

      i havw been thinking about fitting a solar panel, to help with the cost of camping, ???? what is the ideal system e.g. amps, watts, i saw various sizes on flebay,

      off to the shed now

  5. Hi
    Irish or UK citizens do


    Irish or UK citizens do not need a visa to visit Morocco.
    You can stay for 3 months in Morocco.
    I would suspect that you could leave and re-enter. But you’ll need to check this. It might be possible to do this using the Spanish province in the north of Morocco.
    Lots of ferries leave southern Spain to Morocco. It might be worth buying your ticket when you’re there, to find the cheapest option.
    Free camping is generally not a good a good idea in Morocco. The campsites there are very cheap and generally recommended.
    One tip for free camping is to take a dog. The Moroccans do not like dogs, and it will act as a great security measure.

    1. COOL
      thanks for that


      thanks for that
      getting really exicited now “better get down to the sheads and finish the van

      Dog good idea and i have a English Bull Terrier “that will do the job niceley” even if she would probley invite them in to play if she could.

      what is the rought milage for that trip via portugal, & were is the best place to get diesel ” i am going to fit a extra diesel tank to make the best of cheap diesel