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    We’re just coming to the end of our first summer with our 1975 VW … more ups than downs so a definite success! Not keen on keeping her parked up on the street outside our house for the winter though – any suggestions for good value winter storage under a roof in the Bristol/south west area? We’ve friends in Shropshire who know a friendly farmer who rents our barn space … looking for something like this I guess.

    I’ve another, broader, question: What general measures ought I take before parking her up under cover for what is likely to be several weeks in any one spell?


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  1. Winter storage
    We get a lot of questions like this regarding boats.
    A bit different I know, but some bodywork and battery items are the same. No doubt others can help regarding tyres, engine lay-up etc.
    Keep the battery topped up on a trickle charger or consider a solar charger if outdoors.

    Whether indoors or out, you might like to consider a breathable cover – try

    For bodywork protection, consider giving it a good clean followed by a high-quality wax. Don’t be tempted to leave the wax without buffing up to a good shine or it will be difficult in the spring. We have some brilliant waxes, intended for boats, but perfect for camper vans too.

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    For storage try calling


    For storage try calling local caravan clubs and campsites. Local farmers also often rent barn space.

    See the winter storage article for more info:

    All the best