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    I bought a Vito with a very basic conversion lol Basically two side windows and some aweful ply lining πŸ™
    First thing I did was to bin the van seats to make it easier to get from front to back. So I got a single seat base from the scrap yard. Took out the old two seat base and swapped over. Then I got a pair of Renault Espace front seats ( again scrap yard find) as they have the swivels already on them. cheap as chips so far.
    Easy mod to fit them as the runners are the same width and just need the front hole drilled out.
    Here’s the n/s seat marked ready to drill.
    I used the same bolts but added nylocks.
    Simples πŸ˜‰
    Now to the back, that ply has to go !
    Ripped that lot out and set about insulating the panels. I used foil backed polystyrene stuff to start with and then recycled insulation to fill the void.
    The insulation is recycled plastic bottles πŸ˜‰
    Next I started the panel work for cupboards etc

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