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    Selling my much loved van due to relocating.
    MOT’d until February 2020
    134500 miles
    1.9 diesel
    Perfect and extremely well kitted our inside, interior only used by myself, Slight superficial damage to exterior light and driver driver back corner bumper that was done when I bought and I had planned to fix up but didn’t get around to, trim pieces were taken off prior to me buying but i have put them back on myself, costs roughly £100-200 to tidy up outside. Parts found online and also quotes got from various places, happy to share if needed. Easy to blend in as not an obvious Campervan from the outside, can park up almost anywhere without anyone looking twice especially when partition blanket is up. Portable stove, gas, fairy lights, etc and few other things available if interested when looking. Many photos but only able to upload one. Please email [email protected] and can send them through.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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