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    Hands up who thinks –

    Darren has done a really excellent and informative job so far on this website?

    Darren should update the rest of the site (i wanted info on toyota hi ace)

    Darren should advertise his site (theres not a lot of campervan websites out there) and get more traffic and more FMS

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  1. I second that,Great site,well
    I second that,Great site,well done pal.

  2. Hi Gavin
    Hi Gavin. Great to hear from you. Good luck with the conversion. Why not sign up now and put your blog on as you build. We would all love to see what you are doing. 😉

    1. daisy_bumbleroot August 11, 2008 at 6:48 am

      yes – please do!
      yes – please do!

      1. Great site Martin, has
        Great site Martin, has inspired me to convert my LWB Mercedes Sprinter myself.

  3. Hi. i haven’t yet signed up
    Hi. i haven’t yet signed up to the site. But i really do have to agree. This is the best site i found by far to help me convert my long wheel base transit. Everything on here is great. From info on the different vans and interior layouts, to a interesting and helpful blog on building your van. You’ve inspired me so much and am really looking forward to doing my camper. Like you , i too am making a blog whilst building it.you never no when its done it could be on here. Keep up the great work and a massive thanks.

  4. Thanks
    Thanks daisy_bumbleroot, it’s nice to know people care 🙂

    I’ve got a massive todo list which I am going to start on in about a week hopefully, when my current work ends.
    I’m going to update all of the unfinished information, including the Toyota Hi-Ace page.
    Traffic is slowly building, but I haven’t promoted the site too much as I feel it isn’t ready yet.

    Thanks for your praise and stay tuned for some changes in the next month or so.

    Happy Camping!

    1. daisy_bumbleroot August 10, 2008 at 11:48 am

      I will deffo keep checking
      I will deffo keep checking back 🙂

      Like I says its the ost informative website Ive found yet after loads of digging.

      Many other sites are great for seeing projects and people who know what theyre doing but theres hardly any suitable for people that dont know what theyre doing. I was using a really really active forums for a while and i think i got on some of the regulars nerves by asking basic questions and the discussions tend to revolve around more advanced aspects of campervanning.

      I dont think i am going to be doing a self build, ive never put up a shelf and the most technical ive ever done is a flat pack bookshelf from ikea hahaha, which is why i was asking about HiAces, i think they look the smartest and are best vealue for money – well, as much as my searching has found me.

      Now i got to save up, im not going to be able to afford a van for about another year i dont think, but Im going to still keep looking to get infor and advice