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    I want to convert a transit but cant seem to find someone who supplies and fits fibreglass roofs

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  1. yeah try
    yeah try but you are talking a lot of money = like 2 grand. very expensive to fit.

    i recommend you just buy a van with one fitted if you want costs down. on long wheel base transits they are easy to find. on short wheel base very hard too find but do come up sometimes on ebay etc.

    if you want a mk4/5 swb (88-01 (i think) very hard to find but keep looking and you will find them eventually. probs need to do a bit of work on them tho – nothing some filler won’t sort out hopefully.

    get a newer swb version (mk6 can be found with high mileage (not a problem usually!!) for under £2000) with high top roof already on. a lot more of them.

    so to sum up, would recommend you buy it with hi-top unless you want to spend a small fortune!!

  2. This might be a tough one due
    This might be a tough one due to the size of the roof.

    I’ve seen many nice looking low roof transits made as campers.

    Where abouts are you.I can have a scout about on the net for you.

    1. hi top
      sorry just got back to this site im in the north east but willing to travel to get a roof fitted