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    Since I’ve moved up to a longboard, it’s proving awkward to carry it inside our T4 hi-top. I’ve thought about racks for the roof but have not found a supplier, but in any case it’s such a climb to get up there, is it worth it? I’d like to carry it on the side of the roof – I could screw in some loops for straps but I’m not sure how thick or strong the roof is, and the lining and cupboards stop me getting to the inner surface. Any suggestions??

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  1. david carrying boards
    i have a diahatsu hi jet mini van and i keep my boards on the inside of the roof with bungies. you loose a litle space but no drag and there safe

  2. myboard sits flatto roof
    myboard sits flatto roof with 2 bungees fins down which is fine if not using roof but ok for transport

  3. Longboards are always a bit
    Longboards are always a bit of a problem. I used to struggle in my Sprinter. I would definitely prefer to carry it inside the roof area, so it is safe when I park up. I do know people who have carried boards on the side of the roof, at the topmost tapered area, without any trouble.