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    Mad Ax

    Hi, anybody have any advice on table leg options?

    I plan to install two removable island tables in my Elgrand studio project. There’s a lot of tapered-end legs and a few neat turn-to-lock table legs on the market but all seem to come in a fixed range of sizes.

    To cut down costs and maximise comfort I’m planning to use the nice captain’s chairs in the back of my Elgrand but they’re mounted quite low down, and none of the table legs I can find online are the right size, and it doesn’t look like they can easily be cut down.

    Are there other options for floor-mount island table legs that I might have missed? Has anyone got any custom-fabricated legs with pics that they care to share?

    Thanks in advance for any advice / help 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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