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    nick peters

    I have an ex army bedford truck with a “box” on the back, and converting the vehicle into an off road campervan for use in N.Africa is well underway. Despite the lack of highway restrictions in the Sahara, I would like the vehicle to be both safe and “European” road worthy.. and of course there is the question of satisfying insurers regulations.

    The front cab has space for just 2 seats; I would like to provide two more passenger seats in the rear. I have for this purpose two leather Range Rover seats (to iron out some of the hard ride), one will face rearwards. The seats face one another divided by a detachable table. There are sliding windows beside each seat, and the main door just 4 feet away.

    I understand and appreciate that there must be a direct link with the driver and the passengers. The living quarters, what now is still a separate “box” will wrap over and into the rear of the cab. This will provide a short “tunnel” link between the two areas approximately 4ft wide x 18″ high ( 1.2m x 450mm)

    Can anyone tell me if this is an acceptable/ legal arrangement. nick

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