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    Picked up my 2002 2.4i automatic Previa from its one and only owner back at the end of June. It’s done 214000 miles now, passed the mot cleanly, has done 3000 miles over the summer and has been a great vehicle all round.
    First trip we took all 5 rear seats out and slept in a compact driveaway awning, after using it as a works vehicle building my mate’s festival (Marvellous, in Reading).
    Second trip we bought a used sofa bed, again had all the seats out, and it was even better. That trip only showed up how we needed to keep a couple of passenger seats in, for the dog and for carting relatives around whilst down their way.
    Multiple ideas were hatched and some even tried, but after a couple of productive days I’ve now found my happy set up as follows:
    Third row seats removed and will be disposed of
    Large ottoman fitted in the boot to contain all kitchen items and provide a rear cooking facility
    Re-engineered the sofa bed so it lays flat behind the middle row seats and has ample storage below for awning, tables chairs etc. The middle row seats are still in the rearmost position so can slide forward a good distance to allow for more camping gear behind them on trips
    Middle row seats retained but may remove centre one on trips
    This contains everything we need without having to put too much stuff back in the shed after a trip, but importantly leaves me with a full 5 seater daily car all year round.
    Still need to add c channels, simple task.
    I’m happy!


    Bed in stowed position

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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