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  1. MMMF
    Triple M fibres.

    Man Made Mineral Fibres.

    Toxic, irritant, flammable (usually) and generally not very nice shit!

    DIY possible but be VERY careful with face masks, eye protection , ignition sources.

  2. You really need to ask the
    You really need to ask the conversion company.

    However, If I were converting this van I would be very happy to have this insulation already fitted. It looks expensive and well done.
    Most insulation materials are light and very easy to cut through, so no problems there.

    1. Thanks Darren. I asked a few
      Thanks Darren. I asked a few companies today and they said it would be a NIGHTMARE to work with some refused point blank to touch it which is a shame cos it was a low milage model too 61k! Back to the drawing board… or rather ebay!