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    Hi, just picked myself up an Iveco 35s11 2.8 l Diesel, self converted camper – after a weekend away we have found lots of condensation building up, no suprise there I hear you say! My plan is to strip it out and insulate it properly – which is my point, Q. what is proper insulation for a panel van? Many sites make many different recommendations – this is a site I have found from the articles posted and feedback given where I may find some non-egotastic lessons and recommendations. Thanks Lee.

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  1. Van Insulation and Condensation
    Hi all,
    new to this board,
    looks like a wealth of info.

    I am fitting out my opel vivaro with insulation, but i am worried about the fact that the entire internalwalls of the van are not going to be covered in insulation, and there fore will collect condensation on the open sections (corners at the top of the van, around the side and rear doors, and perhaps let it in behind the insulated sections.

    is there anything to be said for repainting these sections of the van with another layer of paint, or covering them in noise cancelling tape or has anyone come across this before….or am i over reacting and this is not an issue.

    Thanks for everything,


  2. What contact adhesive do i use?Styccobond F60
    Hi all i will shortly be starting to put the carpets on the walls and ceiling of my T5.My insulation is nearly done and for the water vapour barrier i am going to use polythene that is used on the building for concrete( stong,long lasting and free!) and contact adhesive it to the ply panels. I thought it would be better to do this to stop the polythene flapping or vibrating about. advice welcome on that. The main question i have got though is the type of contact adhesive that is good value for money. I have bought evo-stick trade from screw fix but is £26 for 2.5 litres to do the polythene. For the carpets i have been looking at Styccobond F60 which i have seen for £15 for 5 litres. A few questions i have are….. The fire safety of it when dry considering temperatures in the van i.e weather and cooking? The evo-stik stuff goes up to 70 degrees. The life of the remaining contents before going dry once the tin is opened to pour some out? It does say 30 minutes with tin open but i am guessing it is longer once lid is put back on?Will really appreciate any advice to this question and any tips to help me get a good finsh.Forgot to say what type of carpet i have got. The ceiling is the factory grey carpet to match the front. And the walls are the thin black ribbed type with a glued back. Stuff used on most modern conversion sites. Thanks

    1. hi there for the carpet i
      hi there for the carpet i would use a spray adhesive for carpets its what ive used into my vito its been up on the roof a good couple of years i used a cloud 9 type underlay for insulation works a treat used the spray glue here too does it show im a carpet fitter lol or you could use something like floorwise f511 itsa water based trowel on adhesive but should have better heat tolerance as theres no solvent involved hope ive helped

  3. I’ve used 50mm insulation
    I’ve used 50mm insulation board, works very well indeed.

  4. insulation
    hi, i wonder if anyone can help me, I have just started a conversion project on my van and have insulated the walls floor and roof with the foil backed 3mm insulation (looks like bubble wrap )taping all the joints as i go. While drilling holes for the panel sheeting i have noticed a fair bit of water has built up behind the insulation, Should the insulation be stuck tight against the van as mine was put on the sub frame leaving a gap of about 30mm..
    thanks for any help

  5. insulation
    I have some 15mm thick sheet bought from CMC Reimo and glue to fix it if you are interested.

  6. Look 3 threads below this one.
    This question has only just been asked on the forum.


  7. Hi Lee
    As you have found,

    Hi Lee

    As you have found, there are lots of recommendations.
    There are a few things to consider:
    1. Cost
    2. Requirements (do you need light insulation for autumn or do you need something substantial for winter living?)
    3. Fitting – how easy is it to fit?

    Here are some options
    1. Rock wool – the stuff used to insulation house roofs. It’s cheap and easy to stuff into corners and gaps. But people think it collects moisture which could be help against the van walls and cause rust. Some people put it into plastic bags and seal it before putting it against the walls. It also sags and will collect at the bottom of walls unless held into place. It works well though and is cheap.

    2. Closed cell foam – the sort of thing used on roll-out camping mats. You can cut the right shapes required and stick it to the van walls. Under laminate flooring insulation is also closed cell foam and you can get from DIY stores for a reasonable price. It’s £60 a roll and you’ll need 3 rolls for a LWB van, but no glue to buy as it is sticky on the back, so easy to fit. Tip: apply is small sections as it’s sticky. Closed cell foam might not be warm enough for UK winter camping.

    3. Foil faced bubble wrap – not as warm as rock wool, but no risk from condensation.

    4. Kingspan boards – used for house insulation. They cost £6 per board which is 8′ x 4′, get from Requires some work to make fit a van.

    On my next conversion, if I have the time and money I would go for Kingspan boards, for maximum affect.

    If I had limited time and money and I would use rockwool.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Insulation Forum advice
      Thanks for all the advice posted in reply to my question will keep the forum posted with progress and pictures – Lee