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    Hi Folks I have a lovely vw westy 2 litre, I also run a car. Time has come to merge the two,cant afford to run both. Been looking for a long time for a nice looking donor vehicle that can do the school run, do festivals and camping trips, Im a working musician and need to carry stuff. Looked a loads of mid sized vans during the last year but got put off by mpg economy, citroen nemo came close, at ^0 mpg but too small for my needs, this last week took a test drive in the new Nissan nv 200, 55 mpg, very compact, flat floor with lots of potential, losing my vw will be so hard tho, so im going to take my time, but I do feel i have found a great base vehicle, the combi version has sliding doors and a tailgate style rear doors, making a rock/roll bed a nice option. Id appreciate your thoughts on this van.
    Its the diesel version with good mpg

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  1. I would be very interested in
    I would be very interested in hearing of any NV200 conversions. I think this will be my next vehicle. It has to be the ultimate small camper!

    1. Saw 3 at Bestival on the Isle
      Saw 3 at Bestival on the Isle of Wight last weekend. Look really cool and funky

  2. Those Nissans
    Are really a Renault Kangoo 🙂 with a slightly different body.

    1. No they are not renault
      No they are not renault kangoos,the only thing renault is the 1.5dci engine,everything else is 100% builitt proof nissan.Owned one for a year now.Great van,have had 60+ mpg on a constant run,mid fiftys around town

    2. those nissans
      Its not the nissan nv200 thats built from the Kangoo its the mecedes citan thats a kangoo rebuild. cheers

  3. I’ve read up on this van too.
    I’ve read up on this van too. Looks great, surprised there are not more about. I think they will become very popular as conversions in years to come.
    I’m planning a small van conversion but these are a bit too new for my budget. Thinking of a Peugeot Expert van, anyone had experience of these?

  4. why not use the vw as an
    why not use the vw as an every day vehicle there not that big

  5. hi;
    did you ever get the nv


    did you ever get the nv 200..?
    ive been looking at getting myself one too, the combi version, and removing the rear seats and using as a weekend camper, with removable kitchen unit, bench for sleeping etc…

    just wondering how you got on if you went ahead with it that is.

    my problem is getting one from the dealer to test drive, they need to order a demo one in or something. i thought they would be more popular. havent seen many on the road either.

    1. has it been done?

      so have either of you converted a nissan nv200 yet?
      we’re also looking down this route for just a w/e camper and day van. it’s just too good an economy to not consider.

      thanks in advance

      1. Re: Has it been done
        We bought a 7 seat NV200 combi in January to use as a multipurpose vehicle. We haven’t converted it yet but have bought a Caranex awning to attach to the back to give us more space. My husband slep in it last weekend before & after a running event and we will be doing the same with 4 small dogs using the awning May bank hliday weekend at a triathlon where we have a trade stand.