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    Hi crazy idea, but I have partially begun it.
    I have a 1996 Nissan Micra, 3-door, which I am going to convert into a mini camper, or a CamperCar/MobileTent.
    Obviously space will be an issue, but my main question is how do I run a fridge? I guess a gas powered camping fridge would be the best option, right?
    I have a semi professional doing my woodwork. and I plan for an awning to extend from the open boot door.
    Opinions? This is just a crazy experiment more than anything, and nothing too serious.

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  1. i am planning on turning my
    i am planning on turning my nissan micra k11 into a van but i am putting spoilers and kit on it (bodywork only)

  2. micra van
    hi bert i am planing on converting my micra into a van i was wondering who do i need to let know like dvla and stuff

  3. vent
    The rear windows are pop out types, giving about an inch of opening, would this be enough of a vent?
    And no, not really, It’s just a random idea I had. It’ll be more comfortable when I go on my long drives for business, or pleasure, without the expense of buying a new vehicle… But there is room for two, just about, and it does get me out of playing taxi!

  4. the round window May 15, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    Not expecting any company then Bert?????

  5. Hi Bert
    Great idea!
    A gas

    Hi Bert

    Great idea!
    A gas fridge is the best for running day-after-day as it’s fairly cheap. But you must fit a vent into the side of the car, behind the fridge to vent the burnt gas. Also, they tend to be fairly bit and heavy.
    Electric fridges are smaller and lighter, but the cheap ones use lots of power, the expensive ones use much less power.