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  1. Hi Esther
    Are you looking to

    Hi Esther

    Are you looking to buy a read-to-go camper van?
    Are you looking for a classic VW, something more modern?
    How many people will be sleeping in the camper van?

    As a general rule, unless you want a classic VW camper, the newer the better. Newer vans are cheaper to run and maintain.

    Modern diesels generally do 30MPG, so running costs are pretty cheap.

    Only vehicles constructed before 1 January 1973 are tax exempt.

  2. buying a van
    Hi I want to buy a camper, I have absolutly no knowledge or skills to convert and after buying will be on a tight budget generaly, I could spend up to 6,000. just looking for some advice with regards to a good year to buy, fuel costs for a short break. tax excemption years, etc etc etc…complete novice so please guide me.

  3. £1000 isn’t really a lot for
    £1000 isn’t really a lot for a conversion I bought my van for £500 and god knows how much I have spent. And that is on a budget with everything from ebay, freecycle, or free. Thought I could do it for under £1000 but you just need this and that and one of them and…….. but the good thing is the fun of building your camper plus you don’t have to pay everything out at once.


  4. Camperr conversion
    Go for it Katie if you have time and skills. I do and am planning to convert an 8 ton truck. a big project even by gypsy standards! I havn’t done one before either Good Luck!!

  5. Hi Katie
    It all depends on

    Hi Katie

    It all depends on your time and skills.
    If you have plenty of time and the skills to do you own conversion you will have a newer conversion, more suited to your needs.

    If you don’t have the time, then hunt around for an existing conversion. Considering the financial market you should be able to find a good vehicle. Insist on at least 10 Months MOT certificate and you can have yourself a great vehicle for £1,000.