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    This long wheel base camper is being sold as spares or repair. I have run it daily for ten years and it has never let me down and starts first time. Reason for sale is I am running two vans and can ill afford to run two. There is no tax and no MOT it is declared SORN and is parked up in my housing car park. I am only asking £500 the same price I would get for scrap but I would rather it was useful to somebody else as it is such a good runner. It might cost another couple hundred to get it through the MOT and £120 for tax so would stand you at £720 for a solid Mercedes fully fitted camper van. Only 2 seat belts driver and passenger. Boiler, oven, grill, 2 x ring burner, fridge, sink and running water with massive water tank.

    Can’t get the front off side head light to work, exhaust needs attention, some work to be done on the wheel arches, and a water leak coming from a pipe attached to the engine (i think a gasket)these are the things I think you will need to work on for the MOT.

    If it’s not sold in a week I will be scrapping as that’s when my insurance runs out and I don’t it sitting around waiting to get torched.

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