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    Hi – we’ve got a VW T5 that came with a rear spoiler, not our choice (the spoiler that is) but we’re stuck with it – literally, as it is glued on and removing it will leave a bit of mess. We could do with a luggage carrier – like the fiamma bike rack luggage box combo – but with the spoiler on we cant attach such a carrier to the top of the rear tailgate. We’ve looked at Thule tow bar carriers and on a T5 they stop the tailgate opening and we do use the rear a fair bit so that would be a hassle. Towing a small trailer would be ok except we tour in Europe lots and this will increase ferry fares and probably motorway tolls. Don’t want a roof box as I can’t reach that high (plus I just know I’d forget I’d got it on when going in carparks…)

    So, we just wondered if anyone on here had any good ideas or kit recommendations that would let us get over this without removing the spoiler please?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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