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    I’m semi-converting my crew van i.e. it still has to carry folks and i’m fitting a bed and moving things around. I’ve found blogs and pics online really helpful so thought i would share mine…

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  1. I would like to know what you
    I would like to know what you do about toilet in details

  2. Conversion
    We are just about to do the same with the same van, we are still looking for the van tho and few and far between! would you be able to tell me the lenght from the back of the drivers seat to the back doors? We keep asking the traders this question and they keep just giving us the loading space when the seating is still all in!!! we are hoping it is just over 3 metres??

    Many thanks and good luck we will be popping back to see how its going and to get tips once we are working on ours!

    1. Van.
      Hi, Kate may not be what your after but try Blue Light ,they sale ex ambulances diff size,some long some short, we got ours from them.Width from window to window 81″ same as some caravans.(so ideal if you want to swap insides) will measure saet to rear doors if your interested.R.puppet.

  3. still working away at it…
    still working away at it…

  4. Great stuff jezmree

    Great stuff jezmree

    Always good to share!

    Let us know how it gets along.