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    Hello all,

    Recently bought an LDV 400 Convoy LWB (convert from minibus to camper) on eBay for use as a band tour van.
    We had it checked by a mechanic before paying and apparently it was generally good….only to then find it needed £800+ spent to get through MOT + a service (ouch!)

    After this, I drove it back 20 miles without issue (happy days….or not). A few days later and I go to move it for some refitting and it’s lurching backing and forward (particularly in 3rd/4th) – losing power to pull away too.

    There is no smoke or obvious leaks and starts fine.

    Checked the engine bay to find the coolant was almost empty (despite apparently being checked in the service) and added an extra litre to get it above the minimum but no change. Checked oil at the same time and appears to be over max but not sure if it’s just catching on the pull out?

    Anyway, looking at info I’m thinking this could be a fuel filter that’s blocked or something but I’m no mechanic by any stretch of the imagination so would really appreciate someone who knows their stuff letting me know if this is likely the case, how costly/difficult this would be to sort (as we are on a very tight budget for this one) and the sort of time it takes…as the van has to be refitted and ready to drive 3 thousand miles in 2 weeks!

    Needless to say….HEEEELLPPP 🙂 Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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