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    Hi All, this is my first post!
    I have recently bought a motorhome for travelling in Europe. I have no address in the UK.
    Does anyone have any advice on the cheapest internet access in Europe? I will use ‘hot spots’ but want my own service as well.
    Thanks, JuniperJan

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  1. Mobile Internet in France
    Orange France is ok now for low cost mobile 3g internet. Otherwise its McDonalds or local hotspots for Wifi.

  2. Wireless
    We found that there were lots of unsecured networks in Europe in even the most unlikely places and we just drove around till we found one. At times we had to resort to an internet cafe but this was rare. It’s a bit sneaky, but we just sent emails etc and never downloaded anything.

  3. I’ve been looking for one
    I’ve been looking for one with European wide access. Haven’t found anything yet. If I do I’ll post it here.

  4. my advice
    I would buy an unlocked usb dongle that takes a sim card and then purchase a sim that gives you X amount of data for a set price. that way you only need to buy the dongle once.

    also you can possibly research one that gives the data across europe with no roaming charge. there must be a service provider that does it ? let me know if you turn anything up.


  5. Hi
    Nice to hear from


    Nice to hear from you.
    Almost certainly the cheapest way of getting internet access is to buy a SIM card for each country you visit. Then get a data plan what suits you with the SIM car provider. The packages are typically per month. This is OK if you intend to stay in each country for a length of time.

    If you intend to move between countries a lot then it might be better to get a SIM car that can be used in different countries. However, this will work out more expensive. But if you don’t intend to use the internet a lot then it might be OK.

    Here are some websites that might help:

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for the
      Hi Darren, thanks for the information, I’ll follow up the web sites. JuniperJan