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    Hi we have just bought a Renault Trafic converted camper, on the v5 paper work it still says it is a panel van. we have campervan insurance is this correct? do we need to inform the DVLA, the man who converted it says no but i’m not sure he is correct reading things on the internet.any idea .

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  1. There are several companies
    There are several companies out there that specialise in self build motorhome policies. I have never found thatbeing a minibus is an issue just so long as there are no more than 7 seats fitted.
    There are already 4 links on this page alone to some of those companies.


  2. Insurance?
    Hi all, I’m struggling to find insurance for my LDV Convoy Ex Minibus which I’m converting myself. I’ve been hearing that minibus conversions are generally frowned on by insurers has anyone else got experience of this? I’m also brand new to this game having always stuck to a tent previously so can you give me some idea of what to expect as a reasonable annual premium? I’m 29 with a clean motoring record. Cheers

  3. As a footnote to this i found
    As a footnote to this i found 3 companies that were prepared to insure me for a self build motorhome policy with comutting to and from work with an average mileage of 25,000/year.
    The quotes were, £401, £650 and £1700.
    The £650 quote was for almost any modification on the vehicle done with no time stipulation or requirements to get the log book changed. The other 2 required the usual stuff as detailed above.


    1. KS, Motorhome facts offer
      KS, Motorhome facts offer insurance, with class 1 business use. The policy is for self-built campers, and includes 365 day European cover.
      A quote for my Sprinter was £350.

      1. Good link.
        The quote for me

        Good link.
        The quote for me came out at £537 but no mention was made of no claims bonus discount. So may be cheaper than that
        Also it assume no modifications are made to the vehicle, but a self build policy implies that the vehicle will be modified so some clarity there would need to be explained as it has an option for self build. What is and isn’t allowed under the policy as modifications?
        The european cover was an extra £60 on top.
        No mention of wether or not you can be insured during the self build and what if allowed is the time limit and the regulations regarding proof of conversion.
        These are all questions that can alter ones choice of who to ensure with.
        But all that aside could be useful when getting renewal quotes next year.


        1. Seems interesting doesn’t
          Seems interesting doesn’t it.

          They have this page which gives a little more info.

          All fairly standard. 90 days to convert.

          I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with them, assuming the small print works out.

          I assume modifications, in the case of a self-build, would be aimed at bigger engines, changes to chassis strength, etc.

          1. Also get quotes from campton
            Also get quotes from campton and brentacre, these were the 2 best options for me.


          2. Thanks KS
            Went with Campton

            Thanks KS

            Went with Campton in the end. I think they use the same insurer anyway.

  4. Insurance.
    Ive got a renault master ex ambulance ,nearly into a campervan. Have insurance with A,Flux as a campervan but v5 says plg van .A.Flux said they would class it as a campervan if i had the following ,table to eat off (fixed or stow type) a sink,a few cuboards, and cooker witch could be gas or microwave.DVLA said they wanted a lot more than this photos of build etc ,Depends on how far you want to convert your vehicle?If you want to go all the way then follow Darrens advice. K.Surfer is right about the going to and from work bit,i do not use my camper for that so my insurance with A.Flux is cheap.

  5. Good info KS, thanks.
    Good info KS, thanks.

  6. Insurance companies
    To all and sundry with regards to insurance of vans as campervans.
    To get a good value insurance for a self build motorhome policy like those offered by shield and IC there are some pretty strict guidlines you must adhere too. You need to check the small print.
    I myself have just fallen foul of one i wasn’t aware of/hadn’t spotted. Shield will not insure a self build motor home if it is being using for anything other than leisure use, this includes commutting to and from a permanant place of work. So if you’re van is your only/main vehicle beware of this. Other self build policies are the same.
    Adrian flux will but at a ridiculous premium well it was for me due to the high annual mileage that i do.
    It has taken me a whole day on the internet/phone to track down a suitable insurance to cover me for self build with commutting and with a high annual mileage.
    P.S. The reason why im looking again is ive got a new van/project to build! 🙂


  7. You do need to have the
    You do need to have the vehicle registration type changed from panel van to ‘Motor Caravan’.
    Your insurance is invalid unless you do.
    Here is some information to help you.