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    on this site the camper van has battens to help support the ply lining and facilitate attachment of cupboards etc..
    How are the battens secured????
    I’m looking at building a campervan in the new year and the attachment of cabinets and cupboard is a mystery to me at present so too the shower stall

    This is the base plan, Dependant on the van i can get next year.
    Any input is appreciated

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  1. I glued and screwed mine in
    I glued and screwed mine in to place, Its suprising how much stuff you need to carry.

  2. If you click the ‘read rest
    If you click the ‘read rest of this entry’…
    First job completed was battening out the internal walls of the van, they are glued directly to the panels using Sikaflex adhesive.

    Any others got different methods? Am guessing some batons can be screwed in place to the pannel divisions?