hope these pics upload of our ldv maxus (not many of these round)

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    here are a few piccys of our van which works extremely well.
    there are a few jobs to do yet and its cost a lot to do (nearly broke the bank).
    but it was worth it weve already had some use out of it localy. but the real reason i decided to build this is that we discoverd a nice and quiet france and want at least a month touring it next year

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  1. Nice work on the build. Very
    Nice work on the build. Very good finish!

  2. windows
    Can you please tell me what windows you have put in the van and where you got them from?

  3. Skylight
    Hi Steve,
    I’m doing the same and wondered did you make a wooden frame to fit the skylight; the roof isn;t flat but kinda ridged.

    You did a great job on yours

  4. cheers for the good comments
    cheers for the good comments daz.
    the vans not quite fineshed yet just a few small jobs to do like fitting blinds to the newly fitted windows.
    just had a window chip repair man come tell me the chip in the window is unreparable which means a new screen.other than that theres just the split charging relay to sort out and a bit of tydying.i just hope it will pass the vosa regs to re register as a motorhome.
    as for france weve only been a couple of times in the northern region and visited places like touqet,boulougne sur mur.and my favorite city ive seen so far is rouen where joan of arc was burne.wow what a city.
    we were limeted to where we could travel to because we always had to return to the rented accomidation.
    next year im hoping to get at least a three week hopefully four week touring trip down the west side of france taking in the tarn gorge then to the pyreenees and basically in the van anywhere we please.
    with the cost of the van this year its just weekenders here and there.ive got a week due in a couple of weeks and am undecided where to go.cornwall weve done a million times as we have the lakes and wales.never been dorset way and not done much on the north east coast.we keep saying every year were going to visit the isle of skye butits 500 miles away and france is closer with better weather and less midges

  5. That’s a great looking van.
    That’s a great looking van. Well done.
    A good inspiration to others.
    Where about’s in France do you like to visit?
    Just got back myself. Mainly from the South west Landes region.