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    I am in need of help on my campervan. I had for years been saving up and designing my camper for surfing which we had done for us but I didnt factor in kids. Ooppss. The van is fantastic keeps our surfboards in everything works really well. It is a Merc Sprinter MWB Hightop I want to make a small bed above the driver and passenger seat it will be low but was hoping someone knows of an ingenious way that it good be lowered whilst sleeping and then raised for driving.Also whether it can be made wider for sleeping on.
    Any help would be really appreciated as I can’t go on sleeping on the bench whilst my wife and child have the doublebed:-)


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  1. Hi. You should be fine
    Hi. You should be fine removing the head lining. It should be straightforward’ish to remove. You will gain quite a bit more room, as the lining is made to make the cab look prettier. You may find lots of metal work in there. However, with a bit of timber framing and carpet you should be able to make it look pretty again.
    Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to make some thing more of a bed.
    The chains ideais good. With the head lining removed you will be able to secure the chains into the metal structure above the cab area.
    It should work well.
    Also consider ratchet straps, which will look better than chains, and will still be very strong.

  2. Getting the bed to lower
    Getting the bed to lower would be quite tricky. I’m not sure of a system that would allow that to happen, and could easily be built. I’ve seen it on motorhomes where they use a series of metal arms and a gas filled ram, which makes the action smooth.
    I think the best system would be one made from metal, as it it strong and the arms can be small.
    You could make a similar swinging system from wood, but the timbers would have to be quite big.
    Another problem with the over-cab area on a Sprinter is that the structural part, that you will need to attach to is buried inside the cab head liner. So you’d need to cut through the liner and attach a mechanism to the metal par around the cab.

    I know that Tabbert motorhomes have a bed above the cab that lowers, but I’m having trouble finding any pictures of any.
    The only picture I could find was on this eBay listing, the picture is on the bottom row, second in from the left.

    1. Thank you. The gas arms are
      Thank you. The gas arms are quite expensive i think. Is it worth removing the cab head liner completely then insulating it and ply lining and carpeting it. I was thinking of putting massive hinges on both ends of the bed so that it would lower on them and be raised on them but I’m not sure they would take the stress of someone however small lying on it. It could be reinforced with two metal chains connect to the roof?
      I really appreciate your help and thank you for the pictures.

  3. Hi
    Do you have a high-top


    Do you have a high-top Sprinter, one you can stand in?
    How about making a permanent bed/storage area above the cab where you child can sleep at night time? You can also use this bed for storing bedding and other items during the day. It you make it fairly strong it can remain there full-time and will be fine for sleeping on.
    I’m 5′ 9″ and the Sprinter isn’t really wide enough to sleep widthways for me.

    1. Thank you. Yes it is a high
      Thank you. Yes it is a high top. I want the bed above the cab to be permanent I was hoping that if it could be lowered when sleeping it would give more room to sleep for my child and would be a good dumping ground etc to keep stuff out the way. I’m having difficulty working out how to build it and wondering if someone had done this before. The back is partian off for wetsuits and 2 boards run down the side and 1 long board through the roof. We have a rock roller bed at the back with cupboards and kitchen running down the side with the boards behind. We then have a bench behind the seats with storage underneath. So the only free space is the cabwas wondering also whether you have seen an extendedable bed done in the cab like that?
      Thank you for your help. Love this site.

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