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    I got my first van just last June. a 1996 Dodge Standard B2500. It had 82,000 miles on it. It was already converted to a simi camper with a sink, cabinet, fold out bed and captains chair. Lots of new stuff, like tires alt, battery, and other odds and ends. There was A LOT more that needed to be done so the sellers wife told him to just get out of it what he had put in $2,500.
    i knew there was still a lot that it needed. Since I got it I’m just working on getting the motor/drive train going soundly THEN I’ll work on the interior. OH the plans I have for her.
    Raised roof
    New upholstery
    install house battery
    Laminate flooring (hardwood)
    Air compressor (blow out sand/some air tools, and annoying air horn)
    TV/computer/play station
    XM radio
    Back up camera
    Tow hitch
    More I can’t even remember right now.
    as of now all I’ve got is a whole new cooling system, (Radiator, hoses, belts,) which was what it needed most. Next up a rebuilt transmission (the current one leaks, doesn’t go into first by itself, nor goes into overdrive. The compression in the motor is all tight as could be and the electrical is fine. It DOES kinda need shocks as it floats and bobs down the road. Brake pads, are getting there but still have some life on them. So I’m still a ways off from getting to the good stuff (interior)

    I’ve wanted a van since I was a kid and both my older brothers had their own.
    I’m 44 now, live in California and can get to the beach in a half hour. Our 3 year old has seen dolphins while eating a sandwich inside the van the way it is now. I only want to make it a better fit for full day trips to the beach and to tow our 10ft tent trailer.

    Since before I ought the van, and ever since I’ve been looking for a site like this. Are most the members from Europe Or are there people from the States on here too?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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