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    Hi everyone,
    with a permission of forum’s admin, I’d like to present a special gadget: the Gas Scale. This is an extraordinary scale that would bring an added value and safety to your camp/motor caravan.

    Gas Scale is made for campers and their gas cylinders. It is a measuring and safety tool with several features:
    • providing real-time info about amount of gas in a gas cylinder on your mobile device,
    • gas leakage detection,
    • it has mobile application,
    • a rechargeable battery,
    • adjustable size,
    • and it is small and handy.
    Gas Scale is an indispensable equipment for camping/caravanning. You won’t have to worry about the gas: your day will be carefree and you’ll be able to focus on the winding roads, relaxation in nature and adventurous journey. Plus Gas Scale adds to safety of your family and friends with in-built gas leakage detector. Gas Scale makes camping easier and safer for everybody involved.

    I’d like to invite you to visit our web page at and learn more about our product. Also, in few days we are starting a Kickstarter campaign.

    We’d be happy for you to visit our page and/or comment or ask a question.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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