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  1. Chipvan Travels April 20, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Free Camping in the Algarve
    Hi, we have just got home from a month on the Algarve and had no problems whatsoever. There are rumours about police moving campers on a Monte Gordo but we did need meet anyone that had actually been moved on.

    Tavira has suffered from flooding and there were very few campers in the usual stops.

    We found that provided we respected others that live there, do not block the sea front, and only stay 48 hours (max) in one place then there was no problem at all.

    However, we were there in the ‘off season’ and things may be much stricter when the real holiday season starts.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Free Camping in algarve

    I live in the algarve and there are still lots of free camping spots ….especially luz to Sagres and up the west coast. In the newspapers it says that the authorities are trying to reduce the amount of free campning, but on a lot of the smaller beaches you will always see campers on the roads around them. So i think you will be fine !

    1. wild camping
      Hi there i am a grate lover of the outdoor,s i want to trek along the Algarve coast for a few month,camping out in my one man tent,i only plan to stay in a campsite now & then too rest up & enjoy the place,s i find along the way .I only stay in the same place one night move on early morning ,leaving no trace i was there ,can you give me any pointer,s on my visit & what i can expect ,thank,s Stewe

      1. Hi Stewe
        I have seen a few

        Hi Stewe

        I have seen a few people camping in tents in the dunes near the beaches. The police don’t seem that bothered, but this has been in the winter time.
        I think taking your tend down during the day is important, so that you dont draw attention to yo yourself.
        If you’re careful you should be fine.

  3. Free camping in Portugal
    We will be visiting the Algarve as part of our annual Spring campervan trip to Europe; I’ll let you know how we get on in the Algarve.

    1. Hi C8yHave a good trip and

      Hi C8y

      Have a good trip and please let us know how you get on. 

      1. We were to Algarve this year
        We were to Algarve this year – end of september. It was hot and primarily croud-free. Nobody on sight in camping Orbitur Armacao de Pera. When driving from the direction of Lisbon, watch on your petrol level as you will stumbleupon the sign prior to the gas station, “last one before Algarve” – gas up. The road keeps its incline and the climate gets noticeable – hot. Watch also your coolant temperature, make a down gear shift to keep your water pump going strong – me and my wife were travelling with a vw T3 campervan 1y conversion and there were no problems at all, you need to just keep it a bit slow. I guess one may have more problems on the road near Porto as the highways incline gives the car no rest, not to mention their driving habits.

        Other than that – the road itself is great and wide enough.

        Simply enjoy and take enough water with you and make regular stops.