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    Road Trip

    OK, that’s a little previous I know, we have just bought the van so its not converted yet 🙂

    Its a 2001 Ford Transit LWB semi high top, but its front wheel drive so high enough to stand in the back (just) we bought it off ebay, it was a builders van but its been well looked after, not the usual rust for a transit this age.
    I would have prefered a high top but this had so much going for it I couldn’t resist, full MOT, low milage, back windows had been plated, dead locks, 2ltr so cheap on fuel and still plenty of power, roof rack, so the pluses outweighed the no high top.

    We spent the last few days removing sign writing, side rack (Im keeping the roof rack, could come in handy) we have stripped out the inside and today will be insulation it.

    As I said the bodywork is quite good for the year, the paint is dull but a quick test with T-cut reveils a nice new shinny red 🙂 I think I will be taking my time with the tcutting, its a lot of van so will do it stage by stage 🙂

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