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    Can anyone help, I’m trying to work out costs on a limited budget and am unsure what ferries will make you pay. If you travel with a motorhome on Norfolkline it costs £35 but when you change the vehicle type to Van/Minibus the price rockets to £200.
    As will be making the trip often this makes a difference to the van I buy.
    Is a standard height/length T4 classed as a motorhome or van.
    Thanks a lot, Mike

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  1. darren your budget for traveling
    sorry to highjack the thread ,i dont know how to contact darren otherwise.
    i am looking to travel myself the route darren has taken and i love his blog.
    i just wonder on what budget hetraveld on.
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Steffen
      I am not sure of a

      Hi Steffen

      I am not sure of a total price, but I spent about €10 per day.
      Most days I would freecamp and cook my own food. So would actually only spend about €5. But other days I would drive a long way, and fuel is expensive. I would also spend 5 days in cities like Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, which is also more expensive.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Marmik
    That doesn’t make

    Hi Marmik

    That doesn’t make sense. A T4 should be cheaper than a motorhome. I have used Norfolkline to get my Sprinter from Dover to Dunkueque and paid about £50.

    However, it seems things have changed. See the thread below:

    Try other ferry companies, it might be cheaper with a van.

    1. Thanks
      Darren, useful link. Looks like a regular camper should be OK for the time being…..
      All the best, Mike