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    I’m all very new to this but after a lot of thinking i’m going to get a van to convert!

    Have a budget of about £2500 max for the base vehicle.

    In Sheffield and popped ou to MVS which deals in ex RAC vans.

    They are all Transit 330 swb low roofs. I was just wondering whether or not the height in the rear will be alright?

    Because of the rear wheel drive the standing height is 1350mm. I’m really not too bothered about being able to stand up which is just aswell as i’m 6’4″!

    The van will have a similar layout to the Sprinter on here (L shaped seats that make be).

    Any suggestions? Will a SWB low roof transit be alright? I have to use it everyday as my vehicle to want as “car” as opossible, hence the nice orange well looked after RAC ones!!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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  1. First problem its going to
    First problem its going to be orange.I would search for an hightop.I found these dimensions for you to have a look at. http://www.fordtransitdirect.co.uk/newsales/newvans/transit/technicalspec.aspx

    With you being 6’4 its gonna be a big bed on the drivers side with limited space on the passenger side for cupboards bearing in mind you are going to be restricted to cupboard space on the walls with it not being a hightop.

    Run a google search on swb transit campers and see what you can find concerning layouts using the maximum space available.

    all the best.