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    My wife and I are seriously contemplating buying a campervan/motorhome. Our personal preference would be a vehicle which has a toilet and shower, but we are restricted in the size of vehicle we could permanently keep at our home.

    We would be very interested to hear the oppinion and experiences of campervan/motorhome owners.

    Thanks in advance
    Howard & Irene

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  1. twinwebber16001972 February 24, 2012 at 4:19 am

    Wild camping >toilets>shit in the woods and doc leaves,>(x boy scout!)

  2. as darren mentioned most of
    as darren mentioned most of the smaller van conversions carry a portapotti .. my vw has a small portapotti in a cupboard..if you use the right chemicals you dont get any smell from it, though I do empty it whenever you get the chance ..the thetford type flush and seal tight, there’s even the option of an electric flush…..there is always the option to put up a small toilet tent next to the van and keep it in there when camped up….as the councils seem set on closing all the public toilets and me having young kids, its a life saver even for just a day at the park… πŸ™‚

  3. toilet
    That’s a fair point, but Howard said his space was limited. I wouldn’t want to be sitting in (say) a Bedford mini motorhome with a used porta potti! You just wouldn’t be able to get that far away from it. you may have used it at while wild camping and have nowhere to empty it :p

  4. I personally wouldn’t have a
    I personally wouldn’t have a vehicle without a toilet. But I spend long periods of time in my van, on long trips. I also wild camp a lot. So a toilet is important for me.

    If you spend all of your camping time on a campsite the need for a toilet is greatly reduced.
    Some small vans, such as some VWs have a space where a porta potti can be slid inside a cupboard. You pull it out to use it when you need it.

    Showers are a different thing. If you’re staying on campsites, use their showers. If you’re free camping consider whether you need a shower.
    I have a shower in my van, but don’t use it very often. It uses quite a lot of water. But even if you have a quick shower, it fills the water tank quite quickly. All vans have a smaller waste tank than a fresh water tank.

    I generally have a flannel wash, or a very quick shower. But always use the campsite shower when on a campsite.

  5. Small van
    If your van is small, it may not be a good idea to have a toilet inside. Campsites have good toilets. Use theirs and let them clean them πŸ˜‰