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  1. contact adhesive
    Contact adhesive is the stuff (e.g. Evostick). I used Styccobond F60 which cost about 25 quid for 5 litres. I still have 4l left if you want it. It is evil stuff however and many hours in its company will leave you feeling a bit queasy.

  2. Contact
    Like Darren says, contact can be expensive, especially the evostick stuff. I got Wurth contact adhesive for £4/can.

    I ended up using it on corners where the carpet really needs to stick and using PVA in the middles to save cash. This works on ply, but maybe not on fibreglass? You could maybe find something ok for the middle and make sure the edges were contact sprayed where they might peel?

  3. I’ve used contact adhesive in
    I’ve used contact adhesive in the past. Very strong. Maybe not what you are after though? It’s much cheaper if you buy a generic brand.