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    My partner and myself would like to buy a campervan for short trips (2 to 3 days) next fall/winter around the UK.

    What is the equipment we would need in order not to be too cold in the van at night? 😉


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  1. I have not spent winter
    I have not spent winter nights in the UK in a camper van. But have done this in Portugal and Spain, and I was chilly at times.

    You will definitely need to insulate the van walls and ceiling, and ideally floor.
    Heating is definitely a good idea. Gas is cheap and easy, but you should leave a window open to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
    Electric is much more expensive to install and run.

    A thick duvet and extra blankets are essential for night time.

    Do you already have a camper, or are you looking to do a conversion?