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    hi i just finished doing a camper and wanted to change the body type and i sent photo,s and a letter to dvla so i get a letter back saying that they will not change it because no changes have been made to the exterior but have changed it to a van with side windows is their any thing else i can do thanks gary as i dont know if i can insure it now

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  1. I am not sure
    when this came in but I changed a transit van crewcab to a Motor home in 2009, I did take pictures of each event and written a supporting documents with it and re MOT the vehicle and also got the Garage to stamp my letter to say it is now as per photographs and would class it as a Motor Home.

    I may have the photograph somewhere and I will scan them and place them on the photo if I come across them.

    John 🙂

  2. Good news Gary. You seem to
    Good news Gary. You seem to have made progress with the DVLA. Lets hope they now clearly detail what they are looking for.

    1. Letter from DVLA dated 28th June 2011
      Just like to keep everyone updated on events surrounding the the DVLA’s decision making: Their letter actually says:
      “DVLA is required to record the details of vehicles for road safet and law enforcement purposes. The body type information held on the vehicle record must describe what a vehicle actually looks like. This description, in addition to other distinguishing features, enables the police and other enforcement agencies to identify a particular vehicle”.

      It goes on adding “Whilst you have converted the vehicle for your own use, fitting the interior with living facilities associated with a motor caravan, and may consider it as such, externally the vehicle remains as it was originally constructed by the manufacturer. Vehicles of this type are generally ‘Multi use’ vehicles and can be converted internally to suit the purposes of the current keeper”

      Like everyone elses Motor Caravan it is now classed as ‘Van/Side Windows’. I thought that I would check with the Insurers today and they said that they new nothing and as I had insured it as a Motor Caravan that would not change. The conversion people also said that they had yet to be formally contacted but accepted that business could be affected by the DVLA’s stance.

      Surely someone out there has or is about to challenge this?


  3. update
    i now own a motor caravan not a van with windows the formal complaint and a letter from my local mp seems to have opened a can of worms for dvla just waiting for a reply to my mp as to what the dvla classes a campervan to look like and what changes in regulations if ant are made i will post a copy here when it arrives thanks gary

  4. Good luck!
    Good luck!

  5. update
    dvla phoned my wife today to say my van is being processed today to change the body type and i will tell all when it comes through just goes to show what a letter from my local mp does thats all for now

  6. campervan
    thanks darren for the insures i will leave it till after friday as they are looking in to the van again as i made a formal complaint to the them and my local mp has sent them a lettrer as well i will update asap

  7. update
    my wife has been on to dvla and they say they have no listed critera for camper vans or motor homes it must look like one from the out side but they can not say what one looks like. and mine does not look like a motor home and can not tell me why mine does not look like one so i think i am banging my head against a brick wall and dvla are made up of idiots

    1. It seems crazy doesn’t
      It seems crazy doesn’t it.
      Why can’t someone at the DVLA decide these things and get things done properly. It makes me cross that tax pounds get wasted in this way.
      Hopefully things will become more clearly set out by the DVLA soon.

  8. Hi Gary
    This has recently

    Hi Gary

    This has recently become a problem with the DVLA.
    It seems the Police are having trouble identifying motor caravans (campervans) from the outside. Therefore the DVLA want motor caravans to be quite distinct.
    It seems many people are getting their vehicles re-classified when adding motorhome like stickers to the outside.
    You can read other peoples experiences on this forum thread:

    I would suggest getting some motorhome graphics and re-submitting your application to the DVLA.
    Please let us know how you get along.

    1. campervan
      thanks darren i was wondering about getting some stickers made for the van i will try that and any more info that comes along will be a bonus i spent too many hours in it to not be able to use thanks once again

      1. Hi Gary
        Sorry, forgot to say.

        Hi Gary

        Sorry, forgot to say. Contact
        They are an insurance broker. They got me my van insured as a motor caravan, without it being re-registered with the DVLA. You do need to get the van valued by a dealer, but that’s all.
        Even if you don’t get it valued, they have a policy for using the van as a campervan, you just don’t get the campervan benefits.

        Give them a try.

        The stickers should work, I have heard that this is pretty much all the DVLA are looking for.

        All the best