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    Hi All

    Ever fancied watching a crime drama documentary being filmed?

    Here’s your chance. I’m part of a TV production for a Sky channel that will be filming in late February near Wembley, London.

    We’d really like to borrow for a few hours a VW style camper van to double up as the interior of a 1970’s/1980’s security van (which will be seen taking part in an armed robbery). The actual vans were mostly all destroyed but we found out the interior of a camper van is about the same shape and size with the same big style wheel.

    So we are desperately in need of anyone who has a VW style camper van which is more or less empty inside other than the front seats and wheel. Obviously no bright pink interior decoration. We’d be happy to come to some arrangement for this and furthermore, we promise nobody will blow it up!

    Please do get in touch if you could help us out!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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