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  1. I also forgot about wood
    I also forgot about wood burners. They give off loads of heat, and you can boil the kettle with them. You need to be careful to not burn yourself though.

    Here are some examples:

    I’ve seen tiny ones made by a blacksmith from an old gas bottle. Very small and perfect for a campervan.
    They need a proper base to stand on, and a chimney going out of the roof.

  2. Hi Lizzy
    Heaters are always a

    Hi Lizzy

    Heaters are always a problem in campervans. Gas is obviously the easy options. You can get a small heater that screws onto the top of a gas bottle. Cheap and easy, but you have to have a window open whilst using because of the carbon monoxide given off.

    Other options include external diesel heaters that bolt to the chassis, and pump warm air in. They are difficult to fit and cost a bit to run.

    See here for more info:

    I didn’t have a heater in my van during a winter in Portugal.
    I had a duvet and blanket which kept me warm. If I was cold at night I would make a cup of tea, which would warm the van and me.

  3. Paint them with black paint,
    Paint them with black paint, on the inside.
    You can scrape the paint off in the future to return the windows to normal.
    Emulsion is cheap and easy to paint on and get off.
    Kitchen/bathroom based paints are harder wearing, but harder to get off.

    1. Blackout paint
      Thanks Darren would have never thought of that will give it some thought.Maybe you could help me with this I will need a small heater for the kangoo but am not keen to use gas in such a small space any suggestions please