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  1. Kampa Travel Pod Review
    As promised 4 months ago, I have just got round to writing a review on our drive away awning. Well it’s cold now, so as I’m not camping I thought I’d carry on blogging. Here is a link to the review:-

  2. Awning for transit campervan
    We have a Kampa Travel Pod for our transit campervan. Used it just last week for the first time and found it really good. Will soon be doing review on it on our website. Ours isn’t the hightop transit and the gutter on yours looks higher than on ours but I think they do them in different sizes.

    1. i like the look of that
      i like the look of that thanks gill:) joe

  3. Caravan awnings are
    Caravan awnings are traditional attached to the van, and you can’t drive the van away without taking the awning down.
    A campervan awning free stands, with a small tunnel to the campervan. This allows the van to be driven away without the awning being taken down.

    World of Camping has a great range with discounts

    1. mucho thanks darren:)
      mucho thanks darren:)