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    Hi there I’m new here I have a vivaro 2006 campervan the front seats were installed by previous owner the airbag light is on due to the seats not having tensioners or even connected due to no wires for the airbags to work it’s failed it’s mot I want the van to be safe in an accident I have 2 children so I have seen others putting blocks on connectors to trick ecu and light off but does this mean that in an accident the airbags wouldn’t deploy ? So do I need to remove these seats and put in the standard vivaro seats to overcome this thank you for any help in advance


    Have the original seats been replaced with different ones?
    You’ll need to reconnect all of the original wiring to ensure the airbags deploy properly, and also to turn off the dashboard light, which is required for the MOT now.


    Hi there yes the previous owner swapped the seats and there is no connections on the new seats at all the original wiring from the seat to the ecu is still there hidden under the flooring

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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