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    Hi, I plan to sell my car and buy a van to convert to a very basic camper – but as a recently single lady – who was travelling round in a new 6 bert custom made (belonged to my ex) – Im totally clueless, Im thinking of someting mid-size, like a hiace or transit, with a back door which opens up and overhead and hopefully a sliding side door – so that i can have shelter and cook out of the back of the van on a small camping stove. I am not overly concerned about fridges and operational sinks and the sort – as I would probably try and go to sites when I use the van for security and convenience. Can anyone suggest a make and model of van? – also would 1.8, 1.9 deisel be OK? I really am starting from the very basic level so all suggestions would really be appreciated,Thanks Nuala

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing a
    Sounds like you’re doing a lot of research.

    I have always found the following websites good for finding vehicles.

    And your local newspaper and it’s website. Keep looking everyday and act quickly when you see a potential vehicle.

    It can sometimes take weeks or months to find the right vehicle

    1. Again thanks Darren, I have
      Again thanks Darren, I have been using those websites – and heres another FYI http://www.donedeal.ie – its fast becoming a v popular site for all sorts of everything – and has lots of vans, and some campervan conversion kit on it at the moment. I am considering two vans at the mo, a 02 transit, with a high spec new conversion, but alas no shower! at 13,500, and a 04 Ford transit Jumbo half finshed conversion whick is kinda mid-way and hes looking for 8,500 – so at least im starting to find more affordable vans, and Im kinda tempted to buy the semi-finished ones as Im a bit of a tom boy and would get a buzz out of finishing it – we will see! Anyhow Darren, I hope to pick your brains another time, and if your ever planning a trip to Ireland you can pick mines re good places to visit. Thanks for your help, and I will be in touch again Im sure – especially if I buy that unfinished transit! Nuala

  2. Toyota Hi Ace are very
    Toyota Hi Ace are very reliable vans, as are VW Transporter. The VW is a little more expensive to buy.
    LDV Pilot is also good, but more basic in terms of engineering, but they are cheaper.
    Ford Transit is a very reliable van, but prone to rust, so only buy a good one, or avoid if you’re not sure.

    1.9 litre engine is OK, but slow. I recently borrowed a friends 1.9 VW Transporter. It was fine for driving around town and B roads, but very slow when pulling up long hills. If you’re not in a rush then 1.9 is fine. LDV and VW come with 1.9 engines, and bigger.

    I was recently going to buy a small van, and narrowed my choice to a Hi Ace, because they are very reliable and cheaper than a VW to buy.

    1. Thanks for info
      Hi Darren, thanks for that info – my knowledge is very basic – but Im slowly learning. At first I though that I would buy a van and set about converting it – but with no expertise myself I think this idea was a little too ambitious. So now Im lookin at conversions and the more vans I look at the more confused and greedy I get! I live in Ireland and most of the vans on sale are Transits – with all sorts and kinds of conversions – and people looking for up to 20k for a 00, the VWs are indeed expensive with anything up to 22k being asked for 04 conversions.By the way there is only about 10p difference in the euro and sterling at the moment. I would certainly consider buying from the UK, and have looked at some vans on Northern Ireland websites – but there doesnt seems to be a lot available. I have come accross one Hi Ace but its so basic – more a surfers bed and somewhere to russle up some food. in the South of Ireland there doesnt seems to be any good looking Hi Aces. Just wondering if youd reccommend any good wesites I could have a look at for UK campers for sale, Cheers Darren, Nuala