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    Night Sky

    I’m looking at campervans/conversion….. I have watched many, many hours of youtube van conversions 🙂

    I need 5 travel seats (2 of which require kids car seats)

    How easy would it be to change a front passenger single seat to a twin seat? Just in general as I have no model in mind as yet, apologies for vagueness!

    I was just wondering if this could be an option!



    Yes, it’s quite possible to change a single front seat for a dual passenger seat.
    All panels vans can be fitted with both.
    You need the base and the seat.
    You will find a lot of people doing their own conversions how are getting rid of a double seat and want a single seat.
    So, if you look around on eBay you should be able to find these, and maybe do a swap with the seller.

    Night Sky

    Thanks 🙂

    So do you also think if it was an actual camper like a bedford or t2/t4 I could put in a double?


    A T4 will almost certainly have the mounting points for the dual seat, as they would added at the factory.
    As for T2/T25 or a Bedford I’m not sure. You would need to check the vehicle or maybe do some research of old vehicles.
    Most T4s have a useful dual set that completely folds flat, making it a type of table.
    Also, T4 seats can completely spin around with the correct swivel base:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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