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    2017 Ford Transit Camper Van Conversion

    130″ Wheelbase, Medium Roof, 17k miles

    Located on Santa Rosa, CA

    $36,000 OBO

    The van is practically new by most standards, having under 17,000 miles. It’s still under factory warranty and there is an option for the buyer to purchase an extended warranty as well as deferred maintenance packages. There is a sweet backup camera in the rearview mirror and a towing hitch. It has a six cylinder (V6), Flex Fuel, 3.7 liter engine, with an automatic transmission, 6-Spd w/Overdrive and SelectShift. It is rear wheel drive and can handle enough payload so that I’ve been able to get myself out of some sandy situations.

    The flooring is a durable laminate tongue and groove. The countertop is thick solid oak butcher block for a beautiful and natural look with the white cabinetry. The ceiling is 1/4″ tongue and groove planking.

    Behind the walls and ceiling is both spray foam insulation with cracks, crevices and spaces stuffed with flexible blanket insulation. Behind the insulation is also a layer of Reflectix and a layer of Rattletrap sound deadener (straight onto the metal of the van). This isn’t soundproofing like many think, but it does deaden the rattle and vibration of thin sheet metal to turn your home from a rattling tin can into a much more quiet ride.

    You can expect a good nights sleep in this van. In addition to it being fully insulated, it also features a queen size bed. Technically it is just under queen at 60 inches by 75 inches. The mattress is a super comfortable memory foam RV mattress, not just a slab of foam. The fan overhead creates airflow, either pulling air out of the van or blowing it in, at adjustable speeds with an auto shut off temp sensor.

    The bed is not high enough to fit mountain bikes upright, but there are plenty of options to fit them in. The space under the bed is 24 inches at the support beams and 26 1/4 otherwise. At roughly 65 inches by 55 inches there is room for a TON of gear for pretty much any activity you’re into.

    Under the bed is also where the water tanks are stored. The fresh water tank feeds the hand pump faucet and is easy to fill from the back of the van with a simple hose fill. The sink drains to the gray water tank next to the fresh tank. There is a easy drain valve under the exterior of the van just under the tank. If you use biodegradable soap you can just empty it, otherwise it’s easy to catch with a bucket to dump the tank.

    The sink cabinet is behind the driver seat. It extends into the entryway about 12 inches, The sink and faucet are both brushed stainless steel. The sink is deep enough and wide enough to actually wash your dishes in the van. There is no built in stove top, I prefer to cook outside with a two burner propane camp stove, though there is space on the countertop to cook inside with it (just keep the windows open and fan on!).

    The van features plenty of storage under the sink for food, an ice chest or fridge, or whatever else you’re storing. There are also overhead cabinets above the countertop, and on each side of the bed, for a total of three cabinets up top. There is also a ton of storage in the pull out chest in the galley, big enough to pop in a top-opening compressor fridge or an ice chest. The chest also serves as a step on to the bed and a seat for relaxing while cooking, eating, or working. The previous owner also had cushions on the chest and had installed seatbelts under the mattress to strap in his kids (full disclosure I haven’t tried it and don’t know the legality but I’d be happy to show you so you can make that call).

    Check out the pictures and please feel free to message me if you’re interested in talking more details or to schedule a time to come see the van in person or via FaceTime for hose out of the area. If this ad is still up, the van is still available so feel free to reach out.

    More pics at https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/rvs/d/2017-ford-transit-camper-van/6677513876.html

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