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    Hi all,

    Hoping for someone to give me a quick fix and tell me I’ve missed something easy and obvious here!

    I’m converting a Renault traffic 2010 and installing the electrics. I have installed a split charger and wired up a simple 12v system involving lighting, usb socket etc. The 12v usb panel works fine and is connected and ran off the leisure battery no problem. For some reason, my lights only work when the split charge relay kicks in! As soon as this kicks in when the engine starts, they come on and work fine. The same with a single 12 cigarette lighter. It works fine with the split charger on but otherwise doesn’t work at all.

    This seems crazy and I can’t figure it out. It’s all wired correctly because it all comes on with th engine. The battery is brand new and shows 12.6 volts. In summary, I have a full set up where half works and half doesnt despite all being wired up the same and all havibg power!

    Some help would be appreciated and sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense.

    Any potentially obvious things to try?

    I’ve tried another battery and still the same issue.

    Thanks dan



    Sounds like a wiring problem that only causes a problem when on the battery. The alternator on your engine is powerful and probably hides a wiring problem.

    What voltage do you get when the engine is running?
    1t should be around 14.4 volts.

    Your charged leisure battery should be 12.8 volts.

    What voltage do you get on the leisure battery when you turn on your USB panel? Does it drop when you switch on the panel?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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