Fiat Campervans For Sale

Fiat Ducato vans have become a popular choice for professional campervan conversions, motorhomes and DIY campervan conversions.  The Ducato is well priced and reliable.

There are a few of Fiat’s classic 900E campervans still in existence for those looking for a classic bit of history.

  1. Old Campervan What to do
    I have tried to sell my Dad’s old campervan. The van is 16years old but has a full years MOT and runs really well its a Deisel and has 126000, but the self build my Dad did is very worn out and dated and noone will buy it in its current condition. I don’t know what to do with it??? I ahve now thought about ripping it all out and starting again but put back a simple effective and attractive interior, but I haven’t done this before and don’t really know where to start. If anyone has any ideas please email me even if they know someone who wants the challenge in either helping me or taking it on themselves. I have done soem DIY but am afraid I’ll do something wrong. I have started watching videos and and have started looking for good second hand parts, as My Mum hasn’t got any money to renovate it. Dad died in March and it was his pride and joy but it seems his spirit just wont let it go. HELP!


    1. Hi Sarah
      Sorry to hear of

      Hi Sarah

      Sorry to hear of your loss.

      Have you tried selling the van on eBay? If priced correctly someone will buy the vehicle.
      eBay is good because there is a massive audience and people love to see lots of pictures.

      Re-fitting the interior is quite a significant task that will take a lot of time.


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