Dizzy – My Wanna Be Camper Van

She was left and forgotten and needed some love so saved her ;o) This is journey to make her complete and happy again

Posted by Dizzy

  1. Part Done Conversion ..that needs sorting properly
    We only got her a couple weeks ago…so as she was involved in a accident a side scrape to wheel arch….she needs looking after and bringing her up to scratch…and for a 1999 638 2.0 petrol vito 113 she is in pretty good condition underneath as well….just the normal on the doors ….but i thought whe was worth saving and getting the interior up to scratch….she has some issues atm…to do with the engine…but we are hoping that this will be sorted next week …. been scouring places for parts little bits..mainly …but the big job she needed was a new fuel pump…which have finally just sorted…so hopefully she will be turning over next week fingers crossed …couple tiny spots of welding and re- undersealed again to keep her good…so loads order for here ready to go for next week….cant wait to get going cos this is gonna be used for my disabled son as need the space….he’ll be well made up ..epecially when we liven her up a bit ;o)


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