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Hi there,

Hi there,

My name is Frank. I was over in Afghanistan for a while working in the Afghan community fighting the war on terror on the ‘Winning hearts and minds’ thing. Very rewarding and very dangerous job. I loved it.
Since coming home I started a project converting a van into a camper. I simply could not believe the price of all the bits I needed. I scoured eBay etc but that was a ball ache so I decided to open a good quality second hand store where all the bits needed or just about are under one roof and can be ordered on line. I don’t want to make tons of money just an honest living. And also have a place where people wont be ripped off and can find what they need.
I should be well stocked by end August 2012 I wont have rock ‘n’ roll beds but can source just about anything you need if you cant be bothered or don’t have the time.
Well I hope I can help you at some point.

I have one or two bits and bobs for sale just now you can see them in my albums.

Please feel free to ask me any questions 🙂 cool thanks.

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