Toyoyta HiAce Campervans For Sale

Toyota’s HiAce vans are popular for campervans because of their reliability and build quality.  In recent years less have been used for campervan conversions, due to the price of European vehicles becoming cheaper.

There are plenty of older models to choose from.  Especially for those with the time and skills to find a bargain and give it some TLC.

  1. Toyota Town Ace/Lite/??
    Hi Darren,
    I am seeing the existence of a Toyota Townace Camper Van for the first time. Wondering if they still make these, what the going price is, and if they don’t make them, can used camper vans be purchased in the US? Feels like out of all types of camper vans, Toyota may be the most maintenance free/best gas mileage made. Is this a correct statement?
    Thanks for your expertise,


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