Mercedes Sprinter Campervans For Sale

Mercedes have been making high quality vans for years, and the Sprinter is perhaps the best commercial van available today.  Used by just about every courier service in Europe, the Sprinter is ultra-reliable and very well made.

Although not as popular as other makes for use as a camper van, probably because of a higher purchase price, the Mercedes Sprinter is the best choice camper van if you intend to travel a long way on a single trip.  Maintenance is rarely required, breakdowns almost unheard of, and parts are available worldwide.

  1. mercedez sprinter 312d 1997
    hi I am thinking of purchasing a converted ambulance mercedez sprinter 312d 2.9 but unsure if I am making the right choice in regards to cost and fuel consumption. any tips on this make of vehicle will be much appreciated. many thanks


    1. Sprinters are very reliable
      Sprinters are very reliable vehicles. All return roughly the same MPG. You can get 30 MPG if you drive carefully.
      A drawback with am ambulance Sprinter is that it will almost certainly be high mileage, maybe 300,000+ miles, and they often have different components to the ordinary vans. The suspension will probably be different, and can be more expensive to repair.


      1. Any problems with ground
        Any problems with ground clearance on sprinters? they seem very long and low…. anyone had any problems on hilly campsite or beach?

        thanks in advance



        1. I’ve got a medium wheelbase
          I’ve got a medium wheelbase one, and clearance is fine.
          I’ve never seen a long wheelbase have a problem.
          The clearance on Sprinters seems higher than mosts vans, as they are rear wheel drive.


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