Silverstone Classic – reviews and tips


  • The programmes is excellent and includes lots of race information and car details. £10.
  • Bring a battery pack for your phone if you will use it a lot.
  • Bringing your own food and drink can save you a lot of money and means you can eat in the grandstands.
  • Bring layers, it’s chilly in the grandstands, even in the sun.
  • It will probably rain at some point over the weekend.

Don’t miss

  • Visiting the international pits just before or after an f1, sports car or endurance car race.
  • Strolling through car clubs in the infield. Especially those having celebration years.
  • Track car parades.
  • Walk across the old circuit at old bridge corner.
  • Endurance dusk race, the last race on sat.
  • Masters of F1 race.
  • Ride a Routemaster on the infield.
  • Ferris wheel views at the funfair
  • Take a bus around the entire perimeter to see everything at this incredible circuit.

Food and drink

Fast food is available, with a Indian street food and tacos available in the infield, and the normal choice of burgers and fish and chips in most areas.  Prices are fairly high, as you’d expect at most festival events. These places get busy at lunchtime and it’s hard to find seating.  We always take our lunches so that we can eat them in the grandstands and avoid crows, high prices and calories.

Normally the last race on Sat night finishes at 9pm and we tend to get dinner before settling to it the last races, so we don’t get back to our camp too later to eat. There are a few bars around selling a decent selection of drinks.

Note: glass bottles are not allowed inside the event.


A good number of grandstands are open during the event and your ticket always you entry to all of these.

These are my favourites.


A big covered stand with Views of maggots to the left and right, most of hanger straight, the whole Loop and half of the Wellington straight. This stand has arguable the most track visible.
This is a great place to watch older cars wobble under braking into maggots, Mand slide under acceleration of of maggots.
There is a slight view of the distant screen at hr village.
Unless you love waking you’ll want to take the perimeter bus to get here.
There are toilets here but sadly no refreshments during the silverfton clsssic


A big covered stand with great views of the wellington straight, brook lands?, and most of the National straights.
There is a good view of the big screen at brook lands.
This is a good place to sit for more modern races as the cars at flat when lea OMG brooklands, and sometimes pass through brooklands. The screen helps to seentj cars through the lap.
With older races you’ll often see cars stop here and oulll into the National pits.
Toilets are here but no refreshments right outside, but only a few minutes walk away.
This is a good stand to settle into for a few races. Especially good for the last races of the day of camping at Whittlebury, as it’s an easy exit from here.

Thre is a perimeter bus stop close by. It’s a 10 minute walk to yha infield bus stop.

Super six

A uncovered small stand in a fantastic location. With great views of the loop and glances of cars leaving beckets.
No cover means it’s exposed to sun and rain.
Lots of refreshments in the village below.
Bus stops nearby. Great for stopping to watch the odd race.

Note; all grandstands can get chilly due to winds. Even in warm weather, especially in cold or rainy weather. Always bring layers, several when the weather is cold.

Silverstone radio

The whole event has great commentary, including Fridays qualifying.
Most stands have speakers broadcasting this, but you can only hear this where there are gaps in the passing cars.
If you bring your own radio and headphones you can tune into Radiosilverftone and hear it all nice and clearly. The merchandise shop sells Silverstone branded radios.
There is a radionsilverftone mobile app of you want to stream it on your phone. You’ll need headphones and expect it to use a reasonable amount of your data and battery power.
You can pickup radio Silverstone in the campsites, which is great to listen when not at the circuit.