XCP Pro sprays

Recently I’ve been using some excellent sprays from XCP Protection.

They have a great range of sprays for different uses.  I’ve got this great set.

I do a lot of winter cycling, and last Sunday completed a 75 miles sportive ride.

In winter you get a lot of touch spray on the bike, and it does it no good at all.

So, after my ride, the bike was filthy.  I washed it, and gave the bike a good coating of the blue Lubricate and Protect.

Over the winter the sliding door handle on the camper has become very stiff.

Although it’s not easy to get the internal door card off, Mercedes have left a maintenance slot.

Using the brown One spray, I was able to get a good amount of spray onto the mechanism and it freed it up really well.

I also used the One Spray on the normal maintenance points in the engine bay:

I also used the Rust Blocker on some of the suspension sections, through the wheel arch, but couldn’t take a photo at the same time.

These products are high performance, and I’d recommend trying them out, over other brands.

A lot of sprays I see other people using are more water displacement sprays, rather than lubricants, and using the right sprays will make a big difference.

You can get the XCP sprays at B&Q.

Posted by Darren

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